About Norner Research

Major challenges require new innovations


Major changes requires often innovation and commitment from both politicians, business and a wide team of the people. Thanks to extensive research, both independent and funded, Norner Reseach has achieved great results that have an impact to both economy, humans and environment.

  • Do you want to get involved? You can start by contacting Norner Research and we can together see how we can meet future challenges with todays research.

About Norner Research 

  • Norner Research’s purpose is the operation of a non-profit research institute for independent research, including innovation and development in industrial research, as well as activities that naturally relate to the operation of research institutes, including research funding.
  • Norner Research is an ideal (non-commercial) limited company. No dividend can be paid to the shareholders of the company, and any profits may be used in the company for the purpose of realization. Nor can the company give direct or indirect benefits to shareholders or close associates.
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